Here Are 16 Quick And Stylish Hairstyles For Days When You Are In A Rush

It's starting to be summer again and while that means a lot of really fun stuff like swimming pools and BBQs, but it also means dealing with the oppressive heat that can make it hard to muster up the will to look good. If you have short hair, it can be even tougher to actually style it and not give in to the temptation to just shave it all off. Keep some of these handy hacks ready to beat the heat and look good doing it.

1. A spare toothbrush with some hairspray can help tame flyaways.

2. Instead of two braids, pull two halves of your hair into a knot.

3. This easy way to get beach waves will get ahead of the humidity and keep you from looking frizzy.

4. A face-framing braid is a softly feminine way to keep hair out of your face but still wear your hair down.

5. A five-in-one reduces not only your styling time, but will keep you from sweating off too many products during the day.


6. This casually messy ponytail looks great with this season's boho dresses.

7. Renaissance Faire, anyone?

8. A beaded headband is back in style this summer.

9. These twist pins look difficult, but they're a cinch for securing a bun.

10. Use a little baby powder, corn starch, or baking soda on your scalp to soak up grease and sweat between wash days.

11. Hide a hair clip inside your ponytail for a little extra oomph.


12. A high-perched, voluminous ponytail will look more put together and will give your face a sleeker appearance.

13. Skip the salon and do an at-home blowout with rollers, a hair dryer and a little bit of hairspray for serious summer style.

14. Twist your hair back and pin it away from your face for a pretty look for hot, windy days.

15. This twisted bun looks way harder than it is.

16. Or really just give in to the easy-living summertime style with this very trendy boho wrap.

Credit: Dose

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