Here Are 17 Bits Of Trivia On The Film "Home Alone" Most People Don't Know About. #4 Surprised Me.

Just in time for Christmas, here are some crazy facts you never knew about the 1990 hit Christmas comedy, "Home Alone." 

Bonus points if you make the Kevin-McCallister-scream face while you read this.

John Candy wrapped his scenes in just one day.

With over 5 million views every year on national TV, it's Poland's favorite Christmas movie.

"Home Alone" has four sequels, two board games, and a novelization.

Joe Pesci stayed true to method acting, avoiding Macaulay Culkin between takes.

Raking in $17,081,997 in its opening weekend, "Home Alone" stayed in the number one spot for 12 weeks and stayed in the top 10 until June of the next year. It earned the Guinness World Record as the highest grossing live-action comedy.


Every scene was actually shot in Chicago. Even when it's supposedly Paris.

Now the McAllister house is a tourist attraction. The property, 671 Lincoln Ave, Winnetka, Illinois, sold for $1,5 million.

There is no way Harry and Marv could have survived the ordeal. 

The ornaments Marv steps on were made from candy.

Kevin's tree house was built specially for the film.

Yes, it was a real tarantula. (No method acting needed for the scream.)

There was some talk of Marv having his own spin-off movie. Eventually, the tie to "Home Alone" faded away and the 1995 film, "Bushwacked", was developed instead.


John Hughes came up with the idea for "Home Alone" during the filming of "Uncle Buck."

It was tough for Joe Pesci to keep his language PG-rated in set.

Robert DeNiro was originally offered the role of Harry but turned it down. So did Jon Lovitz.

Director Chris Columbus on directing Macauley Culkin: "I was much younger and I was really too naive to think about the family environment as well. We didn't know that much about the family at the beginning; as we were shooting, we learned a little more. The stories are hair-raising. I was casting a kid who truly had a troubled family life."

But Kevin's role was specifically written for Culkin. 

Credit: Mental Floss | 20th Century Fox

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