Here Are 17 Of The Most Magical Houses In The World. I Would Move Into #7 Today.

Who hasn't wanted to live in a house high up in a tree? How about living in a shack that looks like elves should be there baking cookies around the clock? These 17 residences are straight out of Lord of the Rings, storybook legends, and science fiction, or perhaps they were just creations of folks with a really twisted sense of humor. Either way, they are really cool, each with an aura of magic that those on this side of the realm would be lucky to ever experience.

1. Wales, UK – I think I see Frodo peeking out the window.

2. Portugal – This is the Three Little Pigs’ vacation home.

3. Mexico – SpongeBob is going to love it here.

4. Mexico – Where exactly is the door?

5. Japan – How do you get up there to mow the roof?

6. New Zealand – Just how spacious is it underneath a mountain?


7. British Columbia, Canada – This just doesn't look safe.

8. Netherlands – The Keebler elves live in style.

9. Japan – My allergies are acting up just looking at this.

10. Catskills, New York – What's the word… quaint?

11. Russia – Very detailed for a house in the middle of nowhere.

12. Iceland – I thought Iceland was all cold and snowy?

13. Thailand – Dome is where the heart is.


14. Minnesota – House or shed: You be the judge.

15. France – I wonder how they got that big construction cone on top.

16. Vietnam – If it weren't for the giraffe, this might be spooky.

17. Canada – Shhh… Shrek is still sleeping.

Are you brave enough to stay in any of these places? Some of them (like the one up in the tree) might be a little extreme, but the hobbit house looks like a ton of fun. Feel free to share the magic of these fairytale locations with your friends.

Credit: ViralNova

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