Here Are 18 Useful Ways You Can Tackle Those Hard To Clean Spots Around The House

Some cleaning tasks are oddly satisfying, like getting the dust off the blinds or polishing the wood furniture. Other household cleaning tasks rank right up there between a parking ticket and a root canal. Luckily, these handy tricks take some of the pain out of the toughest cleaning tasks.

1. Save your hundred bucks and detail your own car: all you'll need is club soda, dish soap, vinegar and a firm brush. A quick steam clean will help any lingering residue.

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2. Baking soda and vinegar can help remove gunk from window screens.

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3. Your fridge's icemaker can harbor bacteria. Make sure to clean it with a steamer and Q-tips.

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4. Run a cycle of bleach every couple of weeks to keep a front-loading washing machine smelling fresh.

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5. A scrub brush and toilet bowl cleaner with bleach will get your grout looking good as new.

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6. Rubbing alcohol and distilled water will wash microfiber couches without leaving hard water stains. 

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7. Vanish stains from laminate counters with baking soda and a gentle cloth.

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8. Get rid of old hair product and get your brushes looking like new again with hot water and baking soda.

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9. An old paint brush (cleaned) is great for dusting your car's vents.

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10. The "pillowcase to clean the fan blades" trick is an oldie but goodie.

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11. Bar Keeper's Friend will scrub out the rust stains on your favorite knives.

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12. Give those dog toys a good wash. Warm, soapy water and vinegar will be the best bet for most toys, unless specified.

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13. Fill your decorative glass bottles with coarse salt, dish soap and a little bit of warm water. The salt should be enough to pull out most of the dust and marks.

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14. Vinegar and coarse salt can pull off the hard water stains on your faucet.  

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15. A product called Pour-N-Restore is magic for getting oil stains out of the driveway.


16. A paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide scrubbed on a baking sheet and left to sit for a few hours will get rid of a lot of those burnt-looking stains.

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17. The air conditioner can get clogged with allergens and dust. Consult the user's manual to see the best way to clean it.

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18. White toothpaste will pull marker out of hardwood floors or wooden furniture.

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