Here Are 19 Breathtaking Cinemas Around The World That You Must Visit When You Travel

With the prices of movie theaters going up so high these days, most of us are going out to fewer movies and opting to stay at home instead. But once in awhile, it's nice to have a night out at the cinema, grab a bag of popcorn and just treat yourself. Why not go all out and have a full luxury cinema experience while you're at it? Here are some of the world's most incredible cinemas to kick back and catch a flick.

1. Have all the charm of the drive-in with none of the mosquitos at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Joe Penniston

Joe Penniston

2. The Creative Documentary Film Festival in Kurshumli An In Skopje, Macedonia believes in 360 degree beauty.


3. Unwind completely at France's Olympia Music Hall.

Reporters Magazine

4. Easy to see why the Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan draws such a crowd.

Pat Patience

5. The Pula Arena is one of the sixth largest Roman arenas still standing. It now shows films instead of gladiator battles.

Andrea Wunderzena

6. The Urania National Film Theater of Budapest, Hungary looks like an opera house.



7. Sail away on this Parisian movie theater's floating seats.


20th Century Fox France

8. Enjoy the night air in Prizren, Kosovo's Riverbed Cinema for Dokufest.


9. Noting Hill, London's Electric Cinema is one of the oldest surviving theaters in the country.

Electric Cinema

10. You'll be amazed when the lights come up at the Puskin Art Cinema in Budapest, Hungary.

Éva Podolyák

11. Bridgeport, Connecticut's Bijou Theater works for both film and live events, offering table service.

The Bijou Theater

12. California's Orinda Theater has a wonderful space-age, retro vibe.

Franck Bohbot

Franck Bohbot


Franck Bohbot

13. The Ugc De Brouckere Grand Eldorado In Brussels, Belgium goes all out with glamor.


14. The Hot Tub cinema in London lets you take in a soak and a movie.

Hot Tub Cinema

15. The Orange Cinema Club in Beijing believes in a full lounge experience.

Guo Fan

16. Cineteca Del Matadero in Madrid, Spain would be a great place to see a sci-fi film.

Ana Reyes

17. Sotto Le Stelle Del Cinema in Bologna, Italy is a great summertime event for open-air cinema.

Alice Casarini

18. Poznań's Transatlantyk Festival screening area is as close to staying in bed as you can get.

Przemek Kwiatkowski

19. Enjoy natural beauty with your film at Denver's Film on the Rocks venue.

Tara Kindel

Credit: Earth Porm

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