Here Are 19 Clever Use For Dryer Sheets You've Probably Never Thought About Before

We all love the smell of fresh laundry straight from the dryer. But why stop there? Keep the fun going long between laundry days with these incredible household hacks for dryer sheets.

1. Stick a sheet to the back of the fan to keep cool with that fresh laundry smell.

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2. Use them to grab up pet hair around the house.

Not In The Doghouse

3. Stuff them between car seats to freshen up the car smell, especially on hot days.


4. They can even be used to scour pots and pans.

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5. Freshen drawers (and their contents) with dryer sheets.


6. Dryer sheets will scrub soap scum off shower doors.



7. They're designed to reduce static, so they're great for cleaning and repelling dust away from your electronics.


8. Give the dog a quick rub down to get rid of that wet dog smell.


9. Stick one in the laundry hamper to fight the gym-clothes smell before laundry day.

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10. And, while you're at it, stick one in your gym bag.

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11. Keep a few sheets in your luggage before you store them to keep them smelling fresh.

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12. Don't forget to throw some fresh dryer sheets in before you pack too.

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13. Use the sheets to buff chrome to a shine.

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14. They repel mosquitos.

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15. Keep them in baskets around the house as inconspicuous air fresheners.


16. Give your hair a pat down to fight static.


17. Use them to dust off blinds.

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18. Get grubby toys clean and smelling good.

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19. Use them to scrub bathroom rings.

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