Here Are 19 Creative Uses For Cinder Blocks That Most People Don't Know About

The cinder block is a pretty humble item. Their typical uses are not very glamorous: you'll often find them in the foundations or walls of buildings due to their durability and weight-bearing abilities. You wouldn't expect cinder blocks to have much aesthetic appeal, but the following tips and tricks might just surprise you. It turns out that there are tons of things that you can make with cinder blocks to give your indoor or outdoor spaces a surprisingly beautiful upgrade. These nifty creations, combined with the low cost of materials, are sure to have you seeing cinder blocks in a whole new light when all is said and done. So, say goodbye to expensive furniture and say hello to the wonderful world of cinder block projects.

1. Given their shape and size, cinder blocks can make great modular sculptures. You can put tea lights in them to create a cozy glow, and spice things up with seasonal decor.

The Horticult

2. With some charcoal and the proper safety precautions, you can turn a cinder block into a DIY grill. This is sure to provide loads of end-of-summer grilling fun.

Little Kitchen That Could

3. If you want to take things a step further, create your very own fire pit.

Must Add Fabric Softener

4. Patio furniture is surprisingly expensive, so save yourself some money by creating this great bench with cinder blocks and wood.

The Basement

5. With a little paint, some cinder blocks and small plants, you can have yourself some very cool planters in no time.

Saf Affect

6. There are more practical purposes for this versatile material as well. With some wooden boards, you can use cinder blocks to keep your firewood neatly stacked.

Pinterest / Chris Martin


7. Use the blocks to keep pets and other small creatures out of your garden.

Grow and Resist

8. Fill the holes of the blocks with wood chips or gravel to create these interesting backyard stairs.

The Figure 5

9. To return to the gardening note, you can stack cinder blocks and top them off with pretty tiles to create a raised garden bed.

HubPages / Izzy M.

10. The fun doesn't stop outside. It only takes a few cinder blocks and a nice wooden board to make yourself a pretty, modern workspace.

The Merry Thought

11. Give your modern tech collection a cozy touch with these easy-to-make shelves.

Maiko Nagao

12. Don't buy an expensive platform bed just yet. You can make your very own with a layer of cinder blocks.


13. Make entire bookcases from the blocks and wood for an appealing and inexpensive library.

Mindful of Beauty


14. Use the same shelving idea for your pantry.

Home Shalom

15. Create an awesome bird sanctuary with this nifty birdhouse idea.

Design Related

16. Because cinder blocks can bear so much weight, use them to support heavy items like a fish tank.

Random Bits Of Projects

17. Take that bench idea up a notch with some fun paint colors for a wonderfully summery outdoor oasis.


18. Use only cinder blocks to make this cool, modular bedside table.

NY Meta

19. Make a small shelf to store your go-to items in the kitchen.

The Design Pages

It's important to remember how heavy cinder blocks are, especially when undertaking a project that uses a lot of them, so be sure to handle them with care to avoid injuring yourself. If you're careful, and if you spruce the blocks up to give them your own personal touch, you can ditch the construction feel and have some truly beautiful new additions to your home.

Via: JustDIY

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