Here Are 19 Simple Cleaning Hacks For People Who Don't Care Much For Housework

If you're like most people, cleaning is a tedious chore. The worst parts are the little things like wiping up grease stains, scraping off dried food, and cleaning appliances. Cleaning the fridge alone can take the entire day. If you hate cleaning, and want some easy tricks to help you out with the toughest parts, then these are perfect for you.

1. Get rid of grease stains with chalk. 

Get the full tutorial here.

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2. Toss in a dry towel with your wet laundry for faster drying.

Does your dryer take forever? A neat little trick is to throw in a dry towel along with your wet laundry. It will absorb most of the moisture right up. Take it out after 15 minutes and continue drying as needed.

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3. Clean your grill with an onion.

Stick a fork into a cut onion and rub it up and down. You'll be surprised.

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4. Grinder a mess? Turn it on to clean it.

That's all you need. Just add some pulverized bread or uncooked white rice and turn the machine on. That will pick up anything left inside.

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5. This simple two-ingredient cleaner will clean anything.

It's easy to make, and cleans all sorts of stains and smudges. View the tutorial here.

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6. Clean your dishwasher with this homemade scrub.

Read the full instructions here. 

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7. Grapefruit and salt will clean your bathtub.

Read about the trick here. 

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8. Remove ugly water rings with a blow dryer.

Learn how to do it here. 

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9. It's possible to clean vomit or urine with a vacuum

Sprinkle some baking sode on the area and it will soak up the liquid. Vacuum it up to remove. Just be sure not to use too much baking soda as it can clog up your vacuum. Learn more here. 

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10. Sanitize your sponges. 

Not many people know about this, but it's so simple.

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11. You can use bread to gather broken glass.

Next time you drop a cup on the floor, try using a slice of bread as a magnet-mop.

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12. Clean drains with vinegar and baking soda.

It really works. You can read the directions here.

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13. Easily clean your microwave with vinegar

It only takes five minutes. Learn how here. 

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14. Use a razor to shave paint off of windows.

Take a look here to learn more.


15. Clean your coffee pot with hot soapy water.

Learn more about deep-cleaning your coffee pot here. 

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16. Use old newspapers to prevent muddy messes.

So simple. Just put your shoes on top of it.

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17. Use hairspray to remove lipstick stains.

It actually works. Check this out. 

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18. Remove water build-up on shower doors with dryer sheets.

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19. Make the oven clean itself while you go to sleep.

Learn how here. 

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20. Clean the shower head.

Few people remember to clean the shower head. Put distilled vinegar into a baggy and secure it around the shower head. After an hour, it will be shiny and free of clogs.

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