Here Are 20 Animals With The Most Majestic Hair. I Can't Get Over #6.

Hair is a wonderful thing. You can cut it, let it grow, primp it, crimp it, fluff it, straighten it, toss it in a bun, or head out the door with that “I just woke up” look. Never let it be said that animals can’t get into the fun, as demonstrated by these beasts that let their hair run wild.

For many of these examples, hair is a means of survival, a way to deal with extreme conditions. Others were bred to look this way by their owners, for some reason. Well, “hair” they are.

1. Fluffy Cow: I can also visualize the little girl in Despicable Me saying, “It so fluffy I’m gonna die!”


2. Angora Rabbit: Poof goes the fur.

Totally Warm

3. Siberian Cats: They look warm, but a bit vicious.


4. Long-Haired Guinea Pig: Are you sure that isn’t Lady Gaga?


5. Gypsy Vanner Horse: Even Cher would be jealous of this wig, except it’s not a wig.

Heart of a Horse


6. Mary River Turtle: Rock on, bro.


7. Mini Highland Cow: How does he see?

Abroad with Aaron

8. Polish Buff Laced Chicken: That looks like the softest chicken ever.


9. Hairy Caterpillar: How can a caterpillar be so cute?


10. Samoyed: Now that is a warm coat.


11. Afghan Hound: This is the Addams Family’s dog.


12. Mop Dog: Imagine trying to give him a bath.

Saved by dogs


13. Feather Duster Budgie: It looks more like a loofa to me.


14. Spotted Apatelodes Caterpillar: How is this not called the matchstick caterpillar?

Earth Touch News

15. White Silkie Hen

BackYard Chickens

16. Hairy Pig: A pig/sheep hybrid?


17. Valais Sheep: I assume there is a face there... somewhere?


18. Norwegian Forest Cat: This may be the cutest cat I’ve ever seen.

Ruben Molina

19. Fluffy Hamster: He looks like he had a rough night.

Azt Adom

20. Curly Pigeon: How do they get him to sit still in the salon chair?


Credit: Bored Panda

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