Here Are 20 Clever Ideas That Will Keep Your House Clean And Organized. #7 Is Genius.

"Get more organized" is a classic New Year's resolution, but it can be so tough. One minute, you're on top of the color-coded file world, the next, you're reaching out from beneath an avalanche of dirty laundry and junk mail. 

Here are a couple of tips to tackle the behemoth that is your life-infested living and office space.

1. If you aren't to the point yet of hurling yourself over a cliff in frustration, use your bungee cords for a better purpose.

Brit + Co

2. Did you steal the office TP all month long? Don't worry, they will hold both your secrets and your desk supplies.

Creating Really Awesome Free Things (C.R.A.F.T.)

3. Hanging up your scarves instead of letting them clump together winter pileup style makes them look funky as in "bohemian", not funky as in "what is that mildew smell".

Gimme Some Oven

4. These magnetic bowls are pure magic in letting you store your metallic odds and ends up on a fridge or cubicle. And a coat of paint adds a little color without affecting the magnet.

A Girl And A Glue Gun

5. Think of your pillowcases as sleeping bags for your sheet sets. Look at how nice and neat those are. Sleep tight, clean sheets.


6. Keep your craft supplies, kitchen supplies and bathroom clutter confined to a Mason jar.



7. A bamboo placemat, a strip of elastic and boom: you've got yourself a roll-up storage system for makeup, art supplies, and even cleaning brushes.

Irina's Cute Box

8. Get every last inch of space out of those shelves, whether it's attaching containers to the inside of the door, building shelves-within-shelves or this sub-shelf system. Anything but the cram-it-and-hope-for-the-best system.


9. Glue an envelope onto the back cover of your notebooks to organize receipts and notes.

Simple As That

10. Drill little homes for your toothbrush in your bathroom cabinet. Just look at how happy it made this dude. When’s the last time you smiled like that?

The Family Handyman

11. If your garbage is piling up with used coffee cans and aluminum tins, wash them and wrap them in decorative paper for colorful keepsake storage.

Better Homes And Gardens

12. A simple bit of chicken wire and a frame transform a cluttered tabletop into a Urban Outfitters-ish accessory display (without the inflated prices and cultural appropriation).

Brit + Co

13. Rather than let your phone dangle perilously from a cord while you charge it, keep it in a safe and decorative little pouch. This one was crafted from an old lotion bottle and some fancy paper.

Make It & Love It

14. A tiny watercolor paint palette is the perfect size for storing earrings with their mates. If you're traveling, you can use a pill-storage box.

Brit + Co


15. Hang a suspension rod under your sink for storing spray bottles. Who knows, maybe you'll clean more if you don't have to get on your hands and knees to dig for them? It's worth a shot.


16. Use peg boards for organizing anything that would otherwise take over a table. Homework, crafting, DIY endeavors, and even home garden items fill in a pegboard hole.


17. Basically, jars are the best. These jam jars were drilled into the shelf overhead so they just need to be rotated for use. This is awesome if you've got things like nails, screws, and sewing needles.


18. This mail organizer is so upcycled-chic, it's not even funny. Look, even the mail is stepping up its game.


19. Keep your cords organized, handy and off the floor with binder clips. (Although these could have used a coat of paint. Just sayin'.)


20. Are you tired of Mason jars yet? Me neither.


Credit: ViralNova

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