Here Are 22 Things That Younger Generations Will Probably Never Understand.

Ah, youth. You kids, with all your fancy phones and iGames and high-tech video games. Back in my day, not only did we have to walk uphill both ways, but we couldn't even listen to podcasts while we did it. Here's a walk down memory lane of things younger generations won't remember.

1. Fixing your video games by blowing into them.


2. Knocking at someone's door or calling a landline. Hopefully you're not interrupting a nap or dinner.


3. Listening to Mr. Rogers sing "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood." 

Snappy New Day

4. Saving up money to buy Pokemon extender packs, hoping to get the right energy card.


5. Not being able to see your pictures right away. Hopefully you're not making a dumb face...


6. Reading the lyrics along with the song in the CD booklet.


7. Killing time with a View-Master.



8. Taking apart the mouse to clean the lint and dust out of it. Weird that it was controlled just with that little ball.

Battlefield Heroes

9. The incredible annoyance of Clippy.


10. Expressing true love through a mix tape.

Viral Thread

11. This dubious battery test method. Did this ever work?


12. These magical, mystical balancing birds.


13. When you actually had to memorize phone numbers.


14. Super creepy troll dolls that were somehow totally acceptable.

A Year in Seattle Gardens

15. Going to a concert and never even once thinking about your phone, because you were at the concert.



16. The little thrill of an orange video tape.

Rap Genius

17. This game, which is more maddeningly addictive than Angry Birds.


18. Telling your fortune through a Cootie Catcher.

Things To Make And Do

19. Being wild and spontaneous with this multi-colored pen.


20. Using this super industrial wall-mounted pencil sharpener.

Afternoon Snooze Button

21. Waiting with your finger on the record button for your favorite song to come on the radio.

Amazing Material

22. Listening to your very own mix tapes. Or, if you're lucky, mix tapes from a special someone.

Iz I Smile

Credit: Diply

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