Here Are 23 Giant Dogs Who Think They Are Still Puppies

All dogs love to cuddle and hug, no matter how big they are. But the question must be asked: Do large dogs know just how big they really are? By the looks of some of these pictures, they don’t seem to care – they want to cuddle with you, no matter what. 

1. I need to get up for work, but my dog wants me to call in sick.

ilikebroccoliandcheese Via Imgur

2. A big dog with a small pony.

jponic Via Imgur

3. Dakota in a mobile groomer's van.

Jason Via Flickr

4. Waiting patiently after a long walk.

Heaps of Fun

5. The perfect bed buddy.

kakianyx Via Reddit 

6. King of dogs.


8. Can I sit on your lap?

Romina2 Via Reddit 


9. Not even 3 years old, and already taller than the owner.

a123oclock Via Reddit 

10. At 173 pounds, Hulk might be the biggest pitbull on earth.

DarkDynastyK9s Via Facebook

11. This one almost takes up 2 seats on the sofa.


12. Piggy back rides are one of the pros of being this big.

Round2_ Via Reddit 

13. The chair is too small to lie down in.


14. Komondor, a Hungarian guard dog.

reetesh88 Via Imgur

15. Best friends.

meyvos Via Reddit 

16. What’s not to love about a giant Beethoven?

ab_intra Via Reddit


17. Now that's big.

via Bored Panda

18. So cuddly.

Laurenja89 Via Reddit

19. Bailey is 130 pounds, but if he fits, he sits. 

petplan Via Reddit 

20. Big dogs need big love.

tashiestee Via Reddit 

21. Wow, that's big.

TheOneTrueQueen Via Imgur 

22. Look at the size difference.

Brett Manippo Via 500px

23. Let's dance.

World’s Biggest Dogs via Pinterest

Credit: BoredPanda

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