Here Are 23 Parents Who Shouldn't Be Texting, But Are Absolutely Hilarious When They Do

"It's really easy," you said. "You'll love it," you said. Now don't you regret teaching your parents how to text?

When they know what you mean.

Like, really, they do.

You've just taught them a new way to prank you.

You finally learn what you suspected all these years.

Not you too, mom.

You do finally get to see that YOLO side of them though.

And you get a window into their deepest thoughts.


Just keep them away from the abbreviations.

You'll just save yourself the trouble.

They now have a new platform for random advice.

And for brutal honesty.

And, of course, the dad jokes.

ALL the dad jokes.

And the mean mom jokes.


You wanted to keep them in the loop on your achievements, but now...

You question if you should have ever taught them at all.

It's just so uncool.

It's just so embarrassing.


Credit: Dose

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