Here Are 23 Ways To Stay Warm This Winter Without Wasting Any Energy. #14 Is A Life Saver.

Winter is coming. You need to stay warm, but the inevitable heating bill should make you think twice before you crank the thermostat. Before you shiver your way through the months, check out these easy ways to keep warm without wasting energy.

1. Let the morning sunshine in. Your windows will let light pass through, which will bounce off the walls and furniture, and create free heat.


2. But at night, drop thick curtains that will prevent heat from escaping through the glass.


3. Reinforce your window frames with caulk to get rid of leaks.

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4. You can create a cheap insulation by using bubble wrap. Plus, it's got a fun, mod pattern. Just resist the urge to pop them.


5. Cover bare floors with area rugs. Not only will it be cozy on your toes, but it will trap the cool air underneath.

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6. Weather stripping only takes minutes to install, but it will help eliminate cold air leaks around the doors.

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7. A layer of aluminum foil behind the radiator gives it an extra boost.


8. Program your thermostat for 56 degrees at night or when the house is empty. When you're home, you can bump it up to 68 degrees.

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9. If you can, keep the door open when you shower to let the hot air circulate.

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10. Reserve some of your energy allowance for heat by letting your laundry air dry indoors.

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11. Although it might seem counterintuitive, turn your ceiling fans on reverse. This will push down the rising warm air and keep it circulating.

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12. If you don't use your fireplace, consider adding a chimney balloon. It keeps hot air from escaping and cold air from creeping in.

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13. Wrap a warm blanket around your water heater to reduce your heat loss by up to 45%.

Department of Energy

14. Similarly, try insulating your pipes to reduce heat loss. This will also speed up the time waiting for hot water in the shower.

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15. And use any leftover pipe foam to wrap the bottoms of your doors as a draft stopper.


16. This adorable space heater is created with just two ceramic pots and a tea candle. 

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(Tutorial here)


17. Of course, wear extra layers around the house.


18. And drink warm beverages.

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19. It's no wonder it's the season for baking and making casseroles, bread, or any other excuse to use your oven.

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20. Just keep moving. This will elevate your body temperature and warm you up.


21. Follow this tutorial to create an all-natural bed warmer.

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22. Or go the old-fashioned way and sleep with a hot water bottle under the covers.

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23. And, of course, you can fight those chilly nights by cuddling.

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