Here Are 26 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity. These Simple, Kind Acts Give Me Hope

Chances are, you've recently had your utter faith in humanity tested recently. Maybe you had to call customer service. Or you got stuck in an automated message infinite loop. Or maybe you just wound up dealing with a jerk having a bad day.

Cleanse your palate with these 18 people who will (hopefully) restore your faith in humanity. 

This Zippo repairman with a strong sense of ethos.

This drycleaner who wants to see you get back on your feet.

Doctors who get it.

Motorcycles who "carpool" a parking spot in a busy lot.

This college athlete who's got his priorities straight.

This conscientious truck driver.

Sell sandwiches globally, act locally.


This Smart Car driver who knows the crushing sense of disappointment when you think you've found a spot.

Rahm Emanuel.

This new driver still getting the hang of it.

This awesome downstairs neighbor.

This real life Good Guy Greg.

The good people of Gotham City, San Francisco.


This grapetastic news reporter.

This dude.


This save-a-tree homeowner.

This gas station owner's sense of fairness.

This driver who wants you to know it's ok to relax.

David, who understands the power of Chipotle to heal a community.

This university officer who's got some good karma coming.

This man who truly embodies never giving up.

This store who wants you to keep your cool for free.

This landlord with the spirit of the season.

Credit: eBaum's World

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