Here Are 28 Surreal Interior Design Ideas That Will Take Your House To Another Level. #9 Is Genius

Travis Price Architects

Flipping through home decor magazines or Pinterest, sometimes the interior design trends all start to look the same. I mean, there are only so many ways you can rearrange the furniture or de-clutter. But not these folks. They broke all the rules and created these weird, wonderful and completely envious home spaces.

1. Hallway ocean


The view from the window is superb, so why not bring it all the way inside and take a look at the ocean floor?

2. Book club pit


The plate windows with a garden view and open shelves of books bring this conversation pit out of the '70s and into a more introverted style.

3. Secret treehouse playroom

Simes Studios

A beautifully muraled oak tree and a ladder lead to a hidden treehouse playroom in the attic.

4. Clocktower Window


One of the most expensive apartments in Brooklyn has a clocktower window and views of both the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges.

5. Understairs storage

Osamu Abe

All that space is just begging to be compartmentalized and broken down into manageable storage options.

6. Stained glass door

Armin Blasbichler Studio

This DIY door scatters light and color all over the stairs, shifting the direction and colors as the sun goes down.

7. Ceiling library pod

Travis Price Architects

Doesn't this feel like of like a cozy reading submarine?

8. Glass river table

Greg Klassen

A river runs through this serene coffee table by artist Greg Klassen.

9. Glow in the dark galaxy.

Bogi Fabian

Bogi Fabian

Artist Bogi Fabian hides her extraordinary galaxy murals in plain sight as they're invisible when the lights are on.


10. Swirling rock wall

Ancient Art of Stone

This fireplace brings the flagstone wall look out of the '70s with an update of small river rocks in a swirling organic pattern.

11. Haunted forest chandelier


Miss being scared of the dark? This creepy room will take you back to jumping at the things that go bump in the night.

12. Reading hammock

Bernardo Rodrigues

This little reader gets her very own hammock pod made of elegantly curved wood and a soft pillow.

13. Lofted treehouse

Fun Love Do

The bright blues and yellow pendant light bring a sunny day to this indoor treehouse for staying in on a rainy day.

14. Starry night bathroom


Make a middle of the night bathroom break as relaxing as a walk under the night sky by lighting the way with tiny fiber-optic stars.

15. Moss Wall

Siol Studios

A low-maintenance moss wall makes this soaking tub feel like a calm, clean lake soak.

16. Indoor tree

Theo Home Designing

Rather than cut down the tree to make room for the house, these homeowners cut a hole in the house to let the tree grow through it. 

17. Cosmic wall

The Gadget Flow

For the starry-eyed dreamer, this cosmic boom will keep you on your toes.

18. Gotham blinds


These blinds let the light of the city shine while it gives a more flattering artistic perspective to the skyline.

19. Interlocking figure flooring


These interlocking floor tiles call to mind both MC Escher and Keith Haring.

20. Pirate ship bed

Kuhl Design + Build

Sail away to the land of Nod on this completely enviable pirate ship lofted bed and drawbridge.


21. 20,000 Leagues fireplace


A fire burns deep in this tentacled creature from the deep, dark sea.

22. Glass silo house

A. Masow Design Studio

A. Masow Design Studio

You'll have a 360° view of the woods, including your own fir tree growing right through the center of the house.

23. Water wall


Is it rippled? Is it smooth? Could you skip a rock across it?

24. Sink on wheels

Benjamin Bullins

You need this sink like a soap dish needs a bicycle. 

25. Enchanted forest canopy bed


This looks like the kind of bed where a charming prince would wake you with a magical kiss.

26. Indoor living room skate ramp

Francois Perrin

This is such a childhood dream come true.

27. A family tree wall


It's even more motivation to keep making memories.

28. Over the stairs hammock



If you don't have a fear of heights, this open air hammock lofted over the stairs provides a sleek reading space.

Credit: Earth Porm

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