Here Are 29 Reasons Why Corgis Are The Happiest Dogs Around. This Is Bound To Brighten Your Day

The Welsh corgi is a herding dog that originated in Wales. All puppies are cute, but the corgi definitely stands out from the bunch with their teeny-tiny legs and smiling faces. Perhaps it was Queen Elizabeth who brought fame to the corgi breed, but I think everyone can agree that they didn’t need any help getting noticed.

It’s difficult to argue the fact that corgis have a natural ability to turn any frown into a smile. Science hasn't exactly found what it is about these canines that makes them so wonderful, but maybe these 29 adorable pictures will help explain. 

1. The cutest superheroes in the world.

2. I couldn't picture a cuter sleeping position than this.

3. They're always smiling. LOL.

4. And when they're not, they still have irresistable puppy eyes.

5. Just a smooch on the cheek will make their day.

6. They don’t complain about eating their vegetables.

7. ...But it's obviously not their favorite.

8. Their running looks more like hopping.

9. They love riding the swings.


10. Cuteness overload.

11. Who can say no to this face?

12. The cutest little-giant ears.

13. Corgis play-fighting is too cute to watch.

14. First time driving on the road.

15. Aaah, too cute!

16. Like most dogs, they're at the dinner table hours before dinner.

17. Look at that talent.

18. They are aware of the effect their cuteness has on you.

19. Best friends with a bunny.

20. This corgi looks like a bunny.


21. An undeniable proposal.

22. They love to show their smile.

23. Even they are baffled by how cute they are.

24. Looking cute and cool at the same time.

25. Bedtime?

26. Sleep tight!

27. There's a busy day ahead tomorrow.

28. Close up profile pic.

29. Happy to be so awesome.

Because he's a Corgi, and he's awesome.

From their disproportionately large ears to their cheeky personalities, Corgis really know how to make my day. 

Credit: ViralNova | Reddit

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