Here Are 31 Bedrooms From Around The World With The Best Views. #12 Is My Favorite.

Interior design may not necessarily sound all that difficult, but believe me when I say that creating an absolutely perfect room setting is extremely hard. The rooms shown below all have the perfect combination of location, view, design, and furniture to create unique spaces that take your breath away.

I’m getting so many expensive ideas right now, my husband may not like where this is going...

What a great place to read a book or just contemplate as you look out over the valley.

Now there’s a perfect spot to binge watch Netflix.

Bring the outside in with a convertible wall.

Wooden soundproofing: helps keep your studio quiet and looks like spaghetti walls, all at the same time.

This looks like it was taken straight from the pages of a catalog.

Add a splash of color with a rainbow wall.

Swim or nap, it’s your choice. 

Now that’s my kind of log cabin...

Just look at that clear blue night sky.

Do we have enough pillows? We may need more.


Honestly, this room is a little claustrophobic for me.

This cozy room, however? This is right up my alley.

A very cool, spinning, multi-purpose nook.

I take it back. This is the room for binge watching Netflix.

Lots of books? Check. Lots of natural light? Check. Is that a pan of brownies I see? Hello, Paradise.

If you’re one of those people who drags their feet every morning until they hit the shower, this room’s for you.

This room would instantly make anyone’s house the designated hangout spot for all friends, family, and neighbors.

Living must be easy in a living room like this.

I love open floor plans...

But I love outdoor open floor plans even more.

Blue is scientifically proven to be a soothing color. Looking at this room, I agree.

This is a bookworm’s dream room.


Those glass walls are so cool, but you know what they say about living in glass houses...

One word: Serenity.

If you get to wake up every day and use the waterslide in your closet, you can’t possibly have a bad day.

Now that’s a nook that’s made for napping.

This room blends the comfort and elegance of a high end home with the natural, rustic feel of the woods.

There’s no way this room wouldn’t inspire you to read more.

What a great space for entertaining a large group of guests.

Enjoy your cup of Colombian coffee... in the mountains of Colombia.

With a little outside-the-box thinking, small rooms can be pretty cool, too.

Well, I don’t know about you but I for one am definitely feeling a need to redecorate now.

Credit: ViralNova

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