Here Are 31 Cheap And Easy Last-Minute Holiday Gifts That Will Impress Anyone You Give Them To.

Christmas is right around the corner, but many of us have not finished our shopping. Though it may be tempting to splurge on expensive gifts for our friends and family, some of the best presents are the ones that are made by hand. With these 31 do-it-yourself ideas you can easily create gifts that your loved ones will cherish long after the holiday season has ended. Take a look. 

1. Homemade Fort Kit

Cinnaberry Suite

Cinnaberry Suite

These are great for adventurous children or adults. Click here for ideas of what to include in your kit. 

2. Arrow Bookmark


A simple and adorable way to keep your place. And best of all, they are easy to make with this tutorial

3. Knitted Soap Socks


Homemade soap wrapped in wool is a delightful shower experience. Pattern here

4. Sweater Mittens

Creme de la Craft

What to do with a shrunken sweater? Why, turn it into mittens, of course. Tutorial here.  

5. A Recipe-Etched Cutting Board

Nutfield Genealogy

Now your favorite family recipe will always be close by. Instructions here

6. Clementine Wreaths

Omiyage Blogs

Nothing says Christmas quite like clementines. Instructions here

7. Indoor Snowballs


These make especially great gifts for loved ones in warm weather states. Pattern here

8. A Money-Filled Tissue Box

Lots of Crafty Ideas

Imagine their surprise when they realize that you did not just get them a box of Kleenex. He-he. 

9. Hershey’s Kiss Rice Krispie Treats

Home Stories A to Z

Absolutely delicious. Recipe here

10. A Package of Beautifully Decorated Oreos

So Creative Things

This unexpected sweet treat never fails to delight children and adults alike. 


11. A Travel Reading Pillow

Polkadot Chair

A great gift for any book-loving kid. Pattern here

12. Starbucks Latte Soap


Making soap just got a whole lot easier. Tutorial here

13. A Wallet Full of Gift Cards

My Mix of Six

Make a whole day of fun, or stick to a theme, like the mall food court cards above. 

14. Roll of Coins Stocking Stuffer

Martha Stewart

Perfect for the college kid who needs quarters for laundry. 

15. A Cupcake in a Jar


Delicious and unexpected, who wouldn’t want a cupcake in a jar? Instructions here

16. Homemade Bubble Bath

Amy Moss

This gift will really stand out with this gorgeous bottle label that can be printed for free

17. Lip Balm Lockets

Radical Possibility

You can’t go wrong by giving a lady makeup and jewelry. Tutorial here

18. Christmas Bow Bobby Pins


Adorable, cheap, and great for holiday photos. 

19. Watercolor Portraits

Grow Creative

These look so professional, it’s hard to believe that they are easy to make. Best of all, grandma will love it. Instructions here

20. Tube Bead Necklace

The Lovely Drawer

Fun and fashionable. Tutorial here

21. A Bag of Stamped Peppermint Candies


Get creative – these can be personalized with anything. Instructions here


22. Thread Necklace

Mollie Makes

Make these in any color combo you like. Tutorial here

23. Their Name In Pom-Poms


Or, spell anything you like. Instructions here

24. A Gingerbread House Kit

Style Me Pretty

Be sure to include their favorite candy. Instructions here

25. A Pom-Pom Branch Bouquet


This will be sure to light up any room. Tutorial here

26. Gold Initial Mug

Clad and Cloth

Looks store bought, but it’s 100% homemade. Instructions here

27. Dip Mix Ornament Set

Bubbly Nature Creations

Perfect for that one relative who’s always hard to shop for. Tutorial here

28. Wire Heart Earrings


So simple and sweet, you can’t go wrong. Tutorial here

29. Fruity Print Zipper Purses

The Lovely Drawer

No one will believe you actually made these adorable little purses. Instructions here

30. Bath Bombs in a Jar

Maiko Nagao

Bombs are the new bubbles. Instructions here

31. Shower Disks

Stuff Parents Need

Or try the latest trend – a shower disk. Instructions here

This holiday season, don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get a little messy. It will be worth it when you see the look on your loved one’s face as they unwrap their homemade present. And don’t forget to share these great ideas with friends and family. 

Credit: BuzzFeed

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