Here Are 35 Creative Packaging Ideas That Will Make You Look Twice

These 31 businesses are really thinking "outside the box" with their package design, quite literally. A cool, fun product package can add so much delight to even the most simple thing. Check these out and decide for yourself if these clever ads could sway you. What do you think?

1. Thelma's Treats cookies taste as fresh as homemade right out of the oven.

Thelma’s Treats

2. Origami tea bags add beauty and taste to green tea.

Nathalia Ponomareva

3. Heroes Never Sleep eye masks would be the hit of your next red-eye flight.


4. Festina waterproof watches are so confident, they package them in water.

Ralf Schroder

5. Keep your salt and pepper levels charged with these Antrepo shakers.


6. Nike Air shows lightness in a cushion of air.


7. Is there anything more clever than this sophisticated packaging for Bzzz American Honey?

Back Bone Branding

8. These coffee cups are a blank canvas for art.

Deutsch Design Work

9. Clean citrus scented tissues.

Hiroko Sanders

10. A perfect single serve stick for butter.

Yanko Design


11. Poilu paintbrushes mustache you a question about your paint...


12. This coffee lid is made for its sugar and cream.

Yanko Designs

13. This packaging is putting the squeeze on your elastic bands.

Dave Airey

14. Big city spaghetti.

Alex Creamer

15. These headphones come in on a high note.

Corrine Pant

16. Hanger tea packs are always in fashion.

Packaging of the World

17. Chopsticks pull double duty in these sushi to-go boxes.


18. Find your inner superhero at the Marvel Store.

CSS Design Awards

19. Trident packaging tells you all about their minty freshness.


20. WhiteBites Dog Snacks packaging will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Cecilia Uhr

21. Neat Pizza Fingers has a great pizza box for the neatest eaters.

Yanko Design


22. Climb any mountain with these tissues on the go.

Good By Market

23. Unwrap your voice with these funny Ricola cough drop faces.

If It’s Hip, It’s Here

24. City Harvest grocery gives you a little food for thought in hopes to cure hunger.

Dana Teil

25. Spark Laundry puts a fun spin on detergent.


26. These juice boxes really stack up.


27. Mighty Nuts Pistachios are an easy nut to crack.


28. These YKM bags encourage you to get a jump on your fitness routine.

World Trends

29. Top Paw On The Go has a built-in dog bowl.

The Dieline

30. These genius cheese "pencils" come with their own sharpener for easy thin grated cheese shards, perfect for salads.


31. Bread gnome is a great way to come home.

Lo Siento Studio

Credit: Twenty Two Words

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