Here Are 9 Awesome Animals That Look Mythical, But Are Totally Real. #8 Is Breathtaking

Did you believe in unicorns as a kid? They just make sense - if you think about it, a unicorn seems way more probable than a giraffe or a zebra. But these nine incredible animals defy all logic with their very existence. Check out these rare animals that look like they couldn't possibly be real.

1. The okapi, a sort of horse/zebra/giraffe blend from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Flickr/Derek Keats

2. The nearly extinct saiga antelope has a proboscis-like mouth, like an elephant or anteater, that functions as a filtration system. 

Google Images/CC BY-SA 3.0

3. Narwhals, the unicorns of the sea. (Except, you know, real.)

Wikimedia Commons/Felix Stember


4. The streaked tenrec is the only known creature that uses vibrations from its quills to communicate. It's called stridulation and it happens at such a high pitch that it's outside the frequency their predators are capable of hearing.


5. The male superb bird of paradise has a blue breast shield and a cape-like nape of feathers he'll spread out in a disc to attract a mate.

Flickr/Natasha Baucas

6. The thorny devil not only has a killer name, but can change color with the weather. And in case the devil's spotted in the details, thick spikes protect it from predators.


7. Vampire deer. It's a deer with fangs. Really.

Wikimedia Commons/Николай Усик


8. Glaucus atlanticus gets its name from the lost city of Atlantis. It's an upside-down floating slug that feeds on Portugese man-of-war.

Flickr/Sylke Rohrlach

9. If you were a red uakari, having a red face wouldn't be an embarrassment; these New World monkeys look for the reddest faces for the most attractive mates.


Credit: The Dodo

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