Here Are 9 Houseplants That Keep The Air In Your House Clean And Don't Require Much Maintenance

Who's got two very un-green thumbs and has managed to kill every single houseplant? If you're similarly challenged with plants, check out this list of nine plants that clean the air in your home and might even have a fighting chance of survival.

1. NASA found the garden mum to be a super strong air-purifier. 


2. Spider plants always look cool and thrive in bright, direct light.

Marilyn Hunt

3. Dracaena plants remove toxins from the air, but if you have pets be sure to keep the plant up high. They can be poisonous to cats and dogs.



4. The ficus always classes up a room, and as a bonus they'll clean the air too. Just make sure you have a space with a nice high ceiling.

Houston Interior Plants

5. The peace lily's beautiful summer flowers are surprisingly hearty and the plant is great at cleaning up your indoor air.


6. The Boston fern is a fan of high humidity and indirect light, so it's a very good bathroom plant. 


7. The snake plant is really, really hard to kill. They don't require a lot of upkeep and only need indirect sunlight.

MTHFR Living


8. Growing up to 12 feet, the bamboo palm filters out any formaldehyde in the air and loves to soak up the sun.

Southern Botanical

9. Not only does the aloe vera plant thrive indoors, but if you have a minor burn, you can squeeze out a bit of the plant's fluid for instant relief.


Credit: Simple Organic Life

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