Here Are 9 Mind-Bending Psychological Tricks That Actually Work. #6 Is Brilliant

Did you know that every day you're being tricked? Okay, using the word "tricked" might be a little unfair. But the fact is, every commercial you see or banner ad you pass by is designed with psychological elements that make you want to purchase something. 

What you're about to learn today isn't so extreme, but they are pretty useful ways of getting what you want. Imgur user Youowemealife recently posted a list of psychological tactics you can use on your friends to make them do things without consciously thinking about it. Keep in mind, these are just for fun and shouldn't be used to take advantage of others.

1. Here's a little trick to always win at Rock-Paper-Scissors.

2. Don't you hate overly crowded streets and walkways? Just do this and watch your path clear. 


3. This may not work every time, but it's pretty fascinating when it does.

4. We've all had annoying songs stuck in our head before. This will help you forget.

5. Ever feel like you're being watched? This can help you find out if you're actually being stalked or if it's all in your head.

6. For when you need some instant credibility, try this out.


7. This works like a charm.

8. But this one gets really obvious when you over-do it. 

9. Use the oldest sales trick in the book to make your kids eat their vegetables.

Credit: Aplus | Youowemealife via Imgur

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