Here Are 9 Reasons Why Going Bald Is Actually The Best Thing That Can Happen In Your Life.

If you ask men their biggest insecurities, hair loss would rank right up near the top. It has to be a pretty big deal to drive otherwise sane men to the travesty of the combover, the toupee or, worse, hair plugs. 

Come on, guys, don't fret. Here are reasons to pick up your Bic and let those thinning locks go for good.

1. Bald is for bad boys.


Vin Diesel. Bruce Willis. The Rock. Jason Statham. The list goes on.

2. It's a time saver.


Lather, rinse, repeat? Hardly. Just add a few extra minutes to go north on the days you usually shave. 

3. You become a literal metaphor when your head steams in cold weather.


Two guys are playing football. One takes his helmet off and runs his fingers through his damp hat-head. The other guy takes off his helmet and his head creates weather. Who are you not going to mess with?


4. You will look so much better in hats and they'll actually fit you.


No more hat-head, no more weird boyish tufts sticking out. 

5. You'll spend your time and money on better things.

Acid Cow

Salons, pomades and shampoos? No thanks.

6. Bald head + beard? Swoon.


If you can grow a good beard, try rocking this winter look. 


7. You'll look more muscular.

7.) It makes you look more muscular.

Without the hair, you'll draw more attention to your smile and your gun show. 

8. Bald men are perceived as smarter. 

8.) It makes you appear wiser.
Screen Rant

Professor X. Lex Luthor. Samuel L. Jackson. Just make sure you use your cunning for good instead of evil. With great power, right?

9. It's so much better than thinning hair.

Planet Terror

Plus, some people are really, really into bald guys. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Credit: ViralNova

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