Here Are 9 Sports You've Never Heard Of, But You'll Want To Play Them Once You See Them

It's the perfect time of the year to get outside and get active. But what sport are you going to choose? Something beachy like volleyball? A large work-organized co-ed softball team? Intramural dodgeball? If you're getting tired of the same old, check out these 9 sports you've never heard of. You might just get inspired to get a game together.

1. Sepaktakraw

This game is kind of like volleyball, but played with your feet instead of your hands. It's popular in Malaysia, Lao, Indonesia and Thailand.

2. Slamball

This full-contact sport has picked up a little bit of TV press in recent years for its thrillingly unique combination of basketball, football and gymnastics.

3. Extreme ironing

No, really. It might be one of the weirdest sports in the world, but this sport, conceived of in the 1990s, sees its competitors ironing while skydiving, surfing, parasailing, you name it. 


4. Cyclocross

Using all the elements of motocross but removing the motor, cyclocross is the lower speed but higher endurance test of manpower.

5. Angleball

Developed to train athletes and military members of varying skill levels, ages and genders, angleball is a light contact sport or groups of up to 40 people.

6. Disc Golf

It's not the same as the ultimate frisbee games you played on the campus lawn. Using a small, firm disc, the goal is to sink the disc into a special chain net under par.

7. Major League Combat

Despite its aggro name, Major League Combat is actually a sport of teamwork, balance and juggling. The object is to continue a juggling act despite interference by the other team with an opposing offensive juggle.


8. Chess boxing

The ultimate brains-and-brawn combo, chess boxing, as the name promises, alternates rounds of boxing with games of chess.

9. Bo-taoshi

If you're not afraid of a team sport that might come with a few broken bones, check out Bo-taoshi. Defend your team's pole while tearing down your opponent's. Maybe climb up the other team's pole in the process. Maybe take a spill in the process. All's fair in love and Bo-taoshi.

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