Here Are Some Awesome Gift Ideas For All Of The Best Friends Out There

Jun 11, 2015

There is no one quite like a best friend. In fact, the google search for "define best friend" generated over 60 million websites that offered a specific definition. The root of them all, though, was something in regards to a person's "closest friend" with whom they share much about their private and public lives.

With that in mind, there are likely as many different gifts designed for best friends as there are websites that define the relationship. But, here are 12 different gift ideas that are a bit more outside of the typical realm of thinking.

1. Nothing says best buddies like a nice reminder to eat some avocado each day. Healthy fats mean a healthy life.


2. A step beyond the "I am the peanut butter to your jelly" mantra.

The Hunt

3. Best friends stick together like LEGO pieces, so why not have rings that show how well the two of you "fit" together?

NMC Glynn.


4. Permanently attach yourself to one another with a fun tattoo.


5. Because she is the one you talk to all of the time, anyway.


6. Staking your weirdness claim together for the world to see.


7. Because your BFF always knows just what you want in your coffee, or if you take tea instead.


8. Since spending time with her is heaven, why not carry a slice of it all the time?

Sweet Craft Jewelry


9. For your best buddy that you love to have coffee with every morning, but a phone call has to suffice. 


10. Helping to keep both of your keys and priorities straight.


11. You can always count on each other to "keep it real" with this straightforward reminder.


12. Together, nothing can stop you.

Customized Girl

Via: Distractify

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