Here Are Some Brilliant Ways To Turn A Dingy Old Ladder Into Gorgeous DIY Decor

As alumnium and fiberglass ladders proliferate, with their easy manufacture, long-lasting durability and comparative light weight, most people don’t have much use for wooden ladders these days. In fact, they’re getting harder and harder to find, even in the backs of old barns. But, there are still plenty just lying around, and since they’re all well past their usefulness as portable steps, many folks are coming up with new ways to incorporate these shabby-chic pieces of hardware into their homes.

The most obvious use is as a towel rack in a rustic-themed bathroom.

Funky Junk Interiors

But they also work great in the kitchen, for hanging pots or drying herbs.

Homesteading in Maine

They can even make a wonderfully unique Christmas “Tree.”

Funky Junk Interiors

For those of us who hate the idea of chopping down a live tree, but hate those phony things even more, this is so perfect.

A coat of paint and some imagination turns a section of old ladder into a cute shoe organizer.


If you’re into the distressed look, wood ladders are a great starting point.

Junk Chic Cottage


With the right attitude, they can basically be put to use anywhere.

Chipping with Charm

One of our favorite ideas is this DIY light fixture, sure to be a conversation starter.

Alexandra Design Finds

You don’t have to use a huge ladder, or chop one to pieces, either.

Julie Blanner

This old stepladder probably isn’t safe to stand on anymore, but makes a great end table.

One of the most creative uses we’ve seen lately has been bookshelves.


This wraparound number is one of the most ambitious, for sure.

Not everyone has a gorgeous clawfoot in their bathroom, but you might not even notice with a cool bath tray like this one in your own tub.

Willow Decor


They even lend themselves to clever closet organizing.

Martha Stewart

This is especially helpful if you live in a spot with few closets and have to keep your clothes out in the open.

They can help organize other parts of your home with style, too.

Sarah Cook

Or simply be there just to look good.

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Via: Diply

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