Here Are Some Incredible Things That People Found In Their Backyards

It's not the most infrequent occurrence: a family lives in a home for a length of time and, during some sort of yard or construction work, suddenly discovers something that they had no idea was there. Maybe it's a family of small animals living behind the shed, or maybe it's something buried in the lawn by the people who lived on the property before. Either way, this type of discovery is exciting, because it went unnoticed for so long. 

The pictures below show the various things that people have found in their backyards. Some of them are adorable critters, and others are much, much bigger. 

1. In 1978, kids were digging in the mud outside a Los Angeles home when they hit something solid. They flagged down a passing sheriff to report that they had found something. It turned out to be a  Ferrari, a Dino 246 GTS.

Michael Haering

2. This little guy was found in the backyard, having a bit of a fight with the family dogs and munching on some flowers.


3. On a dog walk, a California couple found eight cans like the one below, all filled with gold coins from the 1890s. In total, their find is worth $10 million.

AP Photo/Saddle Ridge Hoard discoverers via Kagin's, Inc.

4. A Wisconsin family discovered a bomb shelter in their backyard.

Ken Zwick

5. A 7Up soda can, the earliest design made.


6. This little kitten was found and given some love.


7. Someone found this buried slab, carved with zodiac signs.



8. A family found this foxy gentleman taking a nap in their backyard.


9. This is the Staffordshire Hoard, discovered in a field near the village of Hammerwich in Staffordshire, England. Found in 2009, it is the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon silver and gold metalwork found to date.

Staffordshire Hoard

10. A woman found this megalodon tooth while doing some yardwork. The megalodon is believed to have been the largest shark in existence.


11. A man found this plaque, presumably for a deceased cat, on a newly purchased property.


12. Here's a miniature forest growing in a jar, found while working in the backyard.


13. While hiking on their father's Florida property, a Redditor found this jeep hidden in the swamp.


14. An Illinois man, named Wayne Sabaj, was picking broccoli in his garden when he found a nylon bag containing $150,000. After turning it in to the police, it was claimed by his neighbor. 


15. A retired banker in the U.K. found this fossil in his garden. It belonged to pliosaur, a fearsome Jurassic creature, and is 16 inches long, weighing 15 pounds.


16. A California man discovered this fossil of a baleen whale head 40 years ago. The man, Gary Johnson, did not realize its importance at the time, but eventually called a museum to examine it.

ABC Inc.


17. A little girl found this fossil in the backyard and gave it to her mother for Christmas.


18. Someone found this curious little hedgehog roaming around their yard.


19. A New Orleans man was planning to build a pool in his backyard, until workers discovered a historic cemetery. They unearthed 13 caskets, which are believed to date as far back as the 1700s.


20. Li Zhiwei, a man from China, discovered something alarming when he was putting dates out to dry in the sun. What he thought at first was a snake turned out to be a massive worm, measuring over a foot and a half.


21. An unidentified man found a massive nugget of gold on his property in California. It sold for $460,000, and geologists are certain that there is more gold to be found.

Mike Kepka via San Francisco Chronicle

22. Two sisters were digging for worms on their property in Canada when they discovered this large, solid chunk. Thinking they had found part of a meteorite, they had the item examined. It was determined to be a glass ornament typically used in gardens.


Via: LifeBuzz

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