Here Are Some Of The Craziest Waterparks That Everyone Needs To Visit This Summer

Summer is the time for making memories with your friends and family. BBQ’s, pool parties, camping and the most summertime experience of them all, family visits to the waterpark

We're not talking about a little slide into a pool here. No, we are talking water wonderlands with thrills, chills and that perfect sense of flying through the water that only a truly great waterslide can give you. Get a little inspiration here with 31 of the world's most majestic water parks.

1. The old home of the Beijing Olympics now houses The Happy Magic Water Cube.

Water Cube

2. The Evergreen Museum combines air and sea with the Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark.

Evergreen Museum

3. South Padre Island in Texas is Schlitterbahn's best beachside waterpark.


4. Thrills and natural beauty meet at the Città Del Mare Hotel, Italy.

Citta del Mare

5. Surfing in Michigan? Avalanche Bay has you covered.

Avalanche Bay

6. Chimelong Paradise, China, features dive-in samba shows.


7. You're already hyped up on chocolate, so burn off that sugar rush at Hersheypark, Pennsylvania.


8. Atlantis in Dubai has twists and turns that seem to stretch for miles.

Atlantis Dubai

9. Splish Splash is a New York family destination on Long Island. It even has a section for the really little ones.

Splish Splash

10.  Suoi Tien Park, Vietnam, offers a Buddhism-themed waterpark.

Suoi Tien


11. Great Wolf Lodge, Washington, is completely indoors, so rainy days can't get you down.

Great Wolf Lodge

12. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, Florida, has surf lessons in a shipwreck-themed park.

Vernon Wentz

13. Water Park of America, Minneapolis, lets you slide like it's summer, even when the winter winds howl right outside the door.

Dave Nicholls

14. Ho Tay Waterpark, Vietnam, takes it to new heights.

Ho Tay Waterpark

15. Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World, Australia, has zip lines that end in a watery splash.

Wet ‘n’ Wild

16. Legoland Water Park, California, looks like it was made out of LEGOs.


17. Massanutten Resort, Virginia, is an indoor waterpark that keeps it 94° year-round.


18. One of the best toddler water park areas can be found at Magic Springs in Arkansas.

Magic Springs

19. One of the slides at Atlantis in the Bahamas shoots you through a glass tube underneath a pool filled with live sharks.

Atlantis Bahamas

20. Want to prove to the world that you're not afraid of heights? Head to Beach Park in Brazil. That'll show ‘em.

Beach Park

21. The gentler super slide is found at Disney's Blizzard Beach in Florida.

Disney World


22. Abu Dhabi's Yas Waterworld is the largest children's waterpark in the Middle East.

Yas Waterworld

23. Free sodas, sunscreen, and other great guest services set Indiana's Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari apart.

Holiday World

24. Just 40 minutes outside of Moscow is Russia's cheerful indoor Kva-Kva Waterpark.


25. Berlin's Tropical Islands theme park fills an airplane hangar with the world's biggest indoor rainforest.

Tropical Islands

26. The Siam Park in the Canary Islands has the best wave pool in the world.

Siam Park

27. Bring the adventure at Austria's eight-and-up waterpark, Area 47.

Area 47

28. America's original, supersized waterpark is Noah's Ark in the Wisconsin Dells.

Noah's Ark

29. Raging Waters has kept So-Cal families cool since the ‘80s. 

Raging Waters

30. Arizona's Golfland Sunsplash combines swinging and splashing.

Golfland Sunsplash

31. Alabama's Waterville USA is small, but its slides are mighty.

Waterville USA

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H/T: BuzzFeed

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