Here Are Some Of The Weirdest Things A Dad Has Said To His Kids

As most of the parents out there likely know, having children changes your life in a great number of ways. One of the most amusing ways is the way you speak - you'll find yourself saying things to your children that you would never have imagined yourself saying before they came into your life.

Nathan Ripperger knows this, and he has decided to use his talents as a graphic designer to illustrate some of the best things he's had to say to his children.

As the father of five boys, you can image that he has quite a few things to add to his list.

Having that many little boys running around is bound to lead to some strange happenings.


Ripperger has made a book, compiling 80 of the oddest things he's had to say to them, complete with illustrations.

It's hard not to laugh at them - just imagine what happened to prompt this.

No matter what happens in a parent's life, it's always important to appreciate time with the kids. In a hilarious way, that's what Ripperger's doing with this book.

Solid reasoning, dad.


Odd, but you have to admit: this one takes some skill.

Nathan's book is titled "Things I've Said To My Children." It's now available on Amazon, and you can find more of his work on Facebook and Twitter.

Via: Nathan Ripperger / Via Ten Speed Press / Penguin Random House LLC

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