Here's How To Keep Produce Fresh For Longer Than You Thought Possible

One of life's unfortunate, annoying little realities is that you're gonna end up throwing out some produce that went bad at least a few times in your life. You don't mean to do it, but life is crazy and you get busy and forget that that head of cabbage was back there - until it makes its presence known in the worst way. 

To me, there are few things more disappointing than throwing out some perfectly good produce. I paid money for it, and someone somewhere worked very hard to grow it and get it to the grocery store. What a waste! Thankfully, I found these great tips to keep different types of produce fresh for longer.

These are some seriously great tips! Remembering these will help you keep produce fresh for longer, reducing waste and saving money! Here are some of my favorites.

  1. Fruits like it dry...
  2. ... But veggies like it humid
  3. Garlic likes to be in the dark, just like potatoes
  4. Keep onions and potatoes separate - onions make potatoes sprout
  5. Asparagus should be treated like a flower

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H/T: TipHero | HGTV

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