Here's The Real Story Behind The World-Famous Hurricane Harvey Dog

Hurricane Harvey has left a lot of destruction in its wake, but it's also brought the whole country together. We've watched as civilians risked their lives to save others, and as rescue groups risked it all to save animals that had been left behind. In the face of what should have been a tragedy, we saw the most incredible examples of hope.

One of the most famous photos to come out of the disaster has been that of a lone dog named Otis walking down the street, carrying a bag of food. It captured hearts across the world - possibly because dogs are just cute like that, but also because the image inspired feelings of resilience in many of those of who saw it.

After seeing so much heartbreak, this was an image of triumph.

Otis got loose from his owners during the storm, mere hours before the eye of the storm hit. Despite being all on his own, Otis was able to survive. The next morning, he was spotted heading back home, with a bag of food hanging from his mouth.

His family was so happy to see him again, and were also a little shocked to see him walking up with his own little baggy of provisions! What a clever dog!

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H/T: ILoveMyDogSoMuch

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