Here's What It Means If You See A Tree Wearing A Scarf This Year

For the past few winters, there's been a quiet campaign to keep the homeless warm as temperatures start to drop. Shelters often fill up way past capacity at night, leaving many without a roof over their heads in the winter chill. In order to survive overnight, bundling up in several layers of warm clothing is essential. But where can a homeless person find such clothes?

Perhaps you've seen a scarf tied to a tree somewhere in your neighborhood and wondered what that was about. The meaning behind this isn't symbolic, but it is truly moving. These scarves are being donated anonymously by friendly knitters, crochet enthusiasts, and other kind citizens, usually with a small note instructing the finder to take it if they are homeless.

This movement has been popping up all over the U.S., U.K., and Canada, with scarves being spotted on lamp posts and trees all over. There's even a Facebook group dedicated to the cause called "Chase the Chill." Susan Huxley, the founder of the group, started the handcrafting project as a dignified way to offer charity to the homeless.

Since the creation of the original group in Pennsylvania, several affiliate groups have popped up all around the United States and Canada. Members of the groups gather together to knit and crochet scarves hats and mittens in large quantities and then leave them in public places for the taking.

A card attached to the item usually reads, "This scarf is not lost. If you are cold and need to keep warm, it is for you..."

Sadly, Susan Huxley passed away in 2016. The legacy she left behind, however, has become an inspiration to people around the world and brought much-needed warmth to so many.

If you enjoy knitting or crocheting, or know someone who does, this could be a wonderful way for them to put their talents to use for a great cause. You could also get involved with one of the Facebook groups online to see how you can organize and collect donations in your own community.

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