Here's What The Length Of Your Toes Reveals About Your Personality

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Your body can tell you a lot about yourself, as recent studies have shown. Recent studies have found links between the length of your fingers and a variety of things in your life, from intelligence to cancer risk. It turns out that your toes can also tell a lot about you, too, from your personality to your health.

Here's What The Length of Your Toes Reveals About Your Personality

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Big Toe

The size of your big toe can potentially determine how you go about doing certain tasks. If your big toe is significantly larger than all of your other toes, for instance, it means you're a more focused and creative thinker who can find multiple solutions to a single problem.

If your big toe is relatively small, for instance, this means that you have less focus when it comes to doing a single task, but are a great multitasker who can handle several tasks at once without being overwhelmed.

Second (Long) Toe

The size of the second toe reveals how you handle day-to-day situations. People with longer second toes are generally considered more assertive, sometimes even to the point of being perceived as aggressive.

On the other hand, those with shorter second toes are generally more passive people who tend to avoid confrontation and have a "wait-and-see" approach to a lot of situations.

Third (Ring) Toe

People with long third toes have a lot of energy, which they bring into the workplace. They enjoy work and meeting challenges, and a job isn't just a paycheck to them.

People with shorter third toes prefer life outside of work and tend to treasure their leisure time. Work is just a way to get enough funds to do the things they really love doing.

Fourth Toe

The fourth toe corresponds to relationships with loved ones. A long fourth toe indicates strong relationships with the people you care about, and that their lives are deeply intertwined with yours.

On the other hand, if you have a shorter fourth toe, it means you tend to focus more on taking care of your own affairs first.

Fifth (Pinky) Toe

The size of your pinky toe tells us about how in tune you are with your inner child. If you have a long pinky toe, you're likely more serious and solemn, valuing routine and predictability.

If your pinky toe is short, however, then you're probably more in touch with your inner child and enjoy constant amusement. You may find yourself getting bored easily, but you're a lot of fun to be around and are often the life of the party.

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