Here's What The Shape Of Your Nails Reveals About Your Personality

Fingernails can take many shapes. Some of us have long and round fingernails, while others are short and pointy. Nailbeds can also take a variety of forms, including curved, triangular, and oval, but do these facts mean anything? Could our fingernails really have something to say about our personalities?

Little Church Mouse

1. Vertically Long

You're a romanticist with a mild temper and wonderfully weird imagination. You're meticulous and creative, but easily overwhelmed by your surroundings. In other words, you spot the little things that not everyone notices. People love spending time with you, and you're the type of person who can get along with just about anybody.

2. Broad-side

You're a theorist with a short-temper. People love your straightforward and clear-cut attitude. You have no difficulty in telling the truth, even in situations where you might not get the best reactions. As a result, people love coming to you for advice and help. You won't give them a half-answer, but will genuinely tell them what they need to hear.

3 & 4. Round-egg

You're a happy-go-lucky, laid-back pacifist. You enjoy moving at your own pace. Most importantly, you like doing things in a unique way, and you avoid following the crowd. You're a bright person who makes logical and sensible choices. You don't let your emotions get the best of you and, as a result, you have a lot of long-term friends.

5. Square

You have perseverance and guts, and strong leadership skills as a result. You have a natural characteristic of being a good leader. Although you generally have a serious attitude, it makes your playful personality all the more enjoyable to the people close to you.

6 & 7. Triangle

A triangular or inverted triangle-shaped fingernail is usually a sign of a genius. You're innovative, think differently than others, and demand perfection. You come up with new ideas that nobody else seems to think about and move at a much faster pace than most people. As a result, people you meet are fascinated by you in some way or another.

8. Almond

You're faithful, honest, and friendly towards everybody. You are polite and courteous, but firm and sturdy with people when you need to be. As a result, people love spending time with you. You tell the truth, make others feel good about themselves, and are good at handling difficult situations.

9. Sword

You're ambitious and hard-working. You're very goal-oriented and don't mind putting in hard work. You're also very well-rounded. Because you're set on achieving your goals, you are not uncomfortable doing tasks outside of your comfort zone, if you feel it is helpful to the big picture. People love spending time with you. Your ambition and hard-working attitude are contagious, and it rubs off on them in a positive way. 

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