Here's What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Personality

Feb 11, 2016

Regular and sufficient sleep is absolutely critical to your body's health. Sleep allows the mind and body to shut down and feel refreshed in the morning, but it is also a major factor in regulating hormones, organ function and your body's ability to heal itself. Given that we need around 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night, we spend an estimated 26 years in bed over the course of our lifetime.

Even though we are unconscious and somewhat unresponsive during sleep, it might surprise you to know that our bodies still find ways to express who we are. Similar to how our body language can speak volumes when we are awake, sleep positions can be revealing of our personalities while we are asleep. Here are some of the most common sleep positions and what they mean:

1. Fetal Position


The time we spend in our mother's womb is in this position, and it's very natural for many of us to carry this well into adulthood. People who like to sleep like this tend to be very shy and sensitive in spite of their tough and confident exterior. They are very slow to warm up to others, but are very relaxed and open once they do.

2. Log Position

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Sleeping in this position usually means that you are very social and love to engage others in conversation and activities. The other side to this personality is that you may be a bit gullible.

3. Yearner Position

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People who sleep in the yearner position tend to have a very open personality and have no issues with communicating how they feel. They are, however, prone to suspicion and cynicism.

4. Soldier Position


This stiff, straight position is usually natural for those who are very disciplined and have set high expectations for themselves and those around them. They can be quiet and reserved, but also very confident.

5. Free-Fall Position


Those who love to sleep in the free-fall position are very outspoken and aggressive, but they can also be somewhat sensitive to criticism.


6. Starfish Position

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People who find this position to be the most natural tend to make friendship a priority in their lives. However, they dislike being the center of attention.

7. Hugger Position


Those who wake up tightly hugging a pillow are trusting almost to a fault.

8. Back Snorer

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Back snorers love their independence, but can sometimes come across as being very irritable.

9. Liberty Position

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Couples who sleep in this position are very comfortable with each other. They are so assured by the other person that sleeping separately is still comfortable.

10. Cherish Position

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This position is very popular among younger couples. It is a display of the complex balance between yearning for each other and cherishing independence.


11. Spoon Position

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The spoon position is a display of the protector-protected relationship between a couple.

12. Lovers' Knot Position

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This complex position is indicative of a deep level of intimacy between a couple. Relying on each other is second nature and having independence is not a priority.

13. Romantic Position

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We always see this position in movies, magazines and television, as it is most prevalent in couples who have "young love."

14. Pillow-Talk Position

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This position is most comfortable for couples who often love to talk and discuss things before going to sleep.

15. None Of The Above


If you are the kind of person who is always changing positions throughout the night, don't feel left out. This is often caused by a sense or restlessness and anxiety. You swirl though various emotional states while you are asleep and you might be afraid of committing to a fixed direction in life.

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