Here's Why Those Jerks Who Merge At The Last Minute Are Actually Right


We've all been there - you're driving along and there's some construction up ahead that requires a lane merger. There always seems to be that one guy, however, who waits until the absolute last moment to merge. Just about everyone hates that guy (unless you are that guy).

It turns out, these people are not as bad as we thought. In fact, they may actually be doing the right thing.

Just about everyone hates that guy who merges lanes at the very last second (unless you are that guy).

Most of us tend to reluctantly let them in, all the while silently hating them. Nobody likes a line-cutter.


Well, it may shock you to learn that the Kansas Department Of Transportation says these people might actually be right after all!



In fact, they say that if we all adopt that strategy, people might actually get what they want on the road.

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The Kansas DOT advises everyone to use the "zipper" method.


They say that this method will help everyone. including you, get on their way much faster.

Here's what the zipper method looks like in theory.


All the vehicles in the merging lane should move up as far as possible, then merge evenly into the other lane between the other vehicles. It looks great in theory, but I think it'd take a lot of effort to get it to work in reality.

When done properly, traffic in either lane wouldn't have to stop, which is the major downside to merging at random spots.


Transportation officials have pushed for drivers to make a change, but it doesn't really seem to be happening. People are set in their old ways.


Some drivers don't do it because they feel guilty cutting in line, even though it could actually help them.


Others just feel that merging right away is still the best way.

Research suggests that if everyone were to use the zipper method, traffic would flow 35% faster.


Again, if done properly, it would be slightly safer too - as long as there was an agreed-upon system. Random and erratic merging, like what we have now, tends to lead to more accidents.


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