Here's Why You Need To Check For Coins In Your Passenger Door Handles

One of life's unfortunate realities is that when it comes to innovation, thieves are among the best at staying ahead of the game. For every method we find to thwart them, they find some way to get around it. The funny thing is that it's not always something that's on the cutting edge of technology - some of the most devious criminal techniques are remarkably low-tech.

You wouldn't think a humble coin could be a tool for car theft, but that's exactly what seems to be the case apparently. Thieves jam a coin into your car's passenger door handle and then follow you home. When you lock up your car, the coin prevents the passenger-side locking mechanism from locking properly and gives the thief access to your car.

Luckily, this is fairly simple to prevent - simply make sure to do a quick routine check on all your doors whenever you get into your car. If you do happen to find a coin, remove it and contact authorities.

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H/T: Opposing Views

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