Here's Why You Shouldn't Trust Photos You See On Social Media

Everyone is a keen photographer nowadays. Thanks to the smartphone, what was once an expensive hobby is now a very accessible one.

But how do the best photographers stay ahead of the game and still get paid for their work? They do it by creating unforgettable images and to do that, it often requires a little "cheating" off camera.

Take a look at these incredible images and you'll soon see how they were made and when you do, you'll be able to create even more amazing photos of your own. We know that you're absolutely going to love these ideas. We did! 

1. A Less Than Perfect Romance


You can't persuade the world to produce mist on demand, so you have to fake it. Spraying water out of someone's mouth made this a wonderfully romantic image. 

2. A Trip Back To The Past

Bored Panda

Recreating street scenes of yesterday are beyond the budget of all but the biggest movie studios. Unless, of course, you use models instead. Just like this.

3. Making The Best Of What You Have


The trick to capturing great images is not to go hunting for the perfect location, but rather making the most of that location you are in, no matter what. 


4. Awesome Food Photography


Getting food photography right is hard work. Here the light was carefully controlled by the use of slate-colored filters and reflectors on either side of the food. 

5. The Weightiest Subject

Bored Panda

If you want that shot of the girl spinning round, then you need to stay still and that means adding extra weight to your shoulders. Very clever. 

6. Model Cars For The Win

Bored Panda

It's going to be hard to capture supercars in the desert if you don't have thousands of dollars to spare, but you can improvise with a model car and some sand. 

7. Not-So-Death-Defying Images


It would be foolish in the extreme to risk someone's life for a photograph, but if you can get the right pose, Photoshop can do the rest. As it did here. 

8. Uncomfortable Positioning


When the model is too tall for the shoot, you still have to get the shot. So, she has to go through contortions to get you there. 


9. Smoke-Breathing Atmosphere


Here you can see a great way of creating a smoky atmosphere. Get someone to breathe smoke all over the model. Consent forms may be required. 

10. The Piping Hot Illusion


Those super food shots of steaming food aren't always easy to capture. So you can add your own steam and take your time over things. 

We hope that you'll be able to incorporate some of these ideas in your photos and take them to the next level. 

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