Hero Bus Driver Stops Couple Of Gunmen At School

School bus driver Alice Bradley pulled into her school's parking lot to retrieve the bus like any other morning, but this was to be a day like no other. Shortly after she arrived at the lot. she spotted a strange couple standing over at one end.

Suddenly, the male pointed a gun at her.

Rather than being crippled by fear, which would have been totally normal in this situation, Alice analyzed the situation and quickly took action. She floored the gas on her vehicle and drove straight into the couple, sending them running for cover. They were later apprehended by authorities.

The couple was armed with several guns and admitted that they had been planning to carry out a school shooting "massacre." According to Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland, "One of the individuals made the statement that if it was God's will to shoot children and teachers, and if the other suspect wanted the suspect to do so, they would have proceeded to start shooting children and teachers."

Thankfully, this tragedy was prevented thanks to Alice's quick thinking, and the whole community couldn't be more grateful. "I was real nervous," she said in an interview with WLOS. "I always thought I've been a tough woman but this really scared me. It did."

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H/T: WLOS News 13

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