Heroic Dachshund Comes To The Rescue For His 180-Pound St. Bernard Friend

Friends are one of the most precious resources any of us can have, and this applies equally to people and animals. We can all use the help of our friends from time to time. This little dachshund raised quite a ruckus when he saw his buddy, a St. Bernard, in need of some help. He really did everything he could do to make sure his friend would be ok.

When Razor the Dachshund saw his buddy, Jazzy the St. Bernard, in trouble - he did his best to get everyone's attention.

Razor ran over to the neighbor's house, got their attention, and led them back to Jazzy.

Poor Jazzy was stuck in a cold ditch for 18 hours, but emergency responders were finally able to get him to safety.

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H/T: Paw My Gosh

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