Heroic Dog Comes Out Of Nowhere To Rescue Two Children Trapped In A Burning House

We all know that dogs are capable of some truly incredible things. Time and time again here at Wimp, we've seen dogs go above and beyond with their loyalty, bravery, and compassion. The Feasers recently learned this first hand when their house caught fire one night.

Firefighters were able to rescue to the two adults with relative ease, but their two-year-old and four-year-old were still trapped inside. That's when Maxx, the family's German shepherd, stepped up to save the day.

Maxx helped guide firefighters through the house and led them straight to the kids. Both children were taken away to the safety of the nearest hospital. The entire family, including Maxx, are expected to make a full recovery.

Although the family lost their home, had it not been for Maxx, they might have lost something much, much more precious.

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H/T: HeroViral | Honest To Paws

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