He's Working On This Washing Machine, But He's Not Making Repairs. Just Wait Until You See The End.

This Imgur user had a daydream watching a front-loading washing machine: what if, instead of watching sudsy clothes tumble their way through a cycle, you could get a soothing view of an aquarium?

He set out to make his dream a reality. He got a used non-functioning front-loading washer for $50 and LED lighting for around $125. He estimates that with the aquarium gear, the total cost of the project was only $220.

The LEDs change color on a slow fade. The glo-fish that call this tank home really pop against the colors.

Since detergents are poisonous to the fish, the washing machine needed to be thoroughly cleaned, including the washer pump and hoses. Steam cleaning and a vinegar rinse also take care of any mold or mildew.

Next, all the wiring and hardware needs to come out.


Waterproof LEDs line the inner and outer tubes. Silicone ensures that the lights won't move around. 

The inner and outer tubes come back together and silicone is applied to the rear bearing. 

The front door is bolted shut and the frame is drilled in.

You can see the bellows (the rubber part that attaches the frame and tub) as they get a bead of silicone to tighten the inside of the frame. The inner glass was pulled out so the viewing is through the convex lens of the door, magnifying the fish.

The bolts are tightened from the top inside.


A hose is installed through the old air pressure port at the base of the tub for the bubbles to travel through.

This is the top of the finished tank. At the end, the weight is over 300 pounds. Now aren't you wondering who would go through all this trouble to build a washing machine aquarium?

The owner of a washing machine showroom, of course.

The aquarium entertains kids and visitors to Rochester Appliance in Henrietta, New York.

Credit: Imgur

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