Hidden Camera Catches Car Stealing Yellow Jeep's Parking Spot, But The Jeep Gets An Epic Revenge

One of the most annoying parts of modern life is having to circle around the parking lot over and over again trying to find a space. It's the worst, and the stress builds up with each new lap you take without finding a spot. And when you finally find one, all that stress melts away.

Unfortunately, there are those times when someone comes in and steals the spot you've been waiting for. It's incredibly rude, and most of us are generally polite enough to understand that there's a certain etiquette involved here. Still, when spaces are a hot commodity, people sometimes get very aggressive. 

That's what happens here, when a little red car swooped into a spot that this yellow Jeep Wrangler was patiently waiting for. Instead of flying into a rage, however, this Jeep owner channels his anger into something more productive - revenge.

After the offending driver leaves their car, the Jeep owner gets to work. He backs up to it and attaches a tow line to it. After making a few adjustments, he manages to pull the car right out of the space and happily claims it for himself. There may have been other spots available, but this is about the principle of the matter!

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H/T: Rumble

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