High School Gym Teacher Performs An Act Of Extreme Selflessness By Giving A Student Her Kidney

May 24, 2015

The best teachers are known for how much they give of themselves to each of their students, but 18-year-old A'Ja Booth from Detroit got a whole lot more than anyone could have ever expected. You see, A'Ja had a kidney disorder that meant having to leave school early three days a week to undergo dialysis. 

She even wrote a book, "My Dialysis Journey," about her experience.

That book is what led her teacher, 39-year-old Nadirah Muhammad, to make her an incredible offer. Nadirah overheard A'Ja talking about her book with another teacher. After reading her story, she immediately decided that she was going to give A'Ja one of her kidneys.

"If that was my child, I would want someone to do the same. It was a no-brainer," says Nadirah.

On December 15, surgeons at Henry Ford Hospital removed her kidney, placed it in cold storage, and rushed it over to Children's Hospital of Michigan three miles away where A'Ja was waiting. Henry Ford surgeon Dr. Jason Denny conducted the transplant.


Dr. Denny (right) said, “I've had a lot of combinations, but I don't know about student-teacher."

The transplant was a success, and although A'Ja is on a regimen of over 20 pills a day to make sure her body continues to accept and integrate the new organ into its system, she is healthy and happy and looking forward to her future.

A'Ja graduates June 8, 2015 and plans to study nursing at Oakland University.

Learn more about this incredible teacher-student duo in the video below:


Via: Daily Mail (UK)

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