Hilarious Customer Service Trolls Who Got The Last Laugh

We know that working in customer service is not always great fun. Sometimes, you've got to cope with the angry customers, the long hours on your feet and terrible management, but that's what the job is.

It certainly doesn't mean that you should take it out on random customers who haven't done anything to add to your burdens.

Except, that's exactly what these customer service agents did. Their customer trolling efforts are both funny and first class and we think you'll agree (mostly because none of us are their customers). Check it out and see!

1. You Were Too Specific


Sometimes, you get exactly what you ask for in life. It's not what you want, mind you, but it is what you asked for. Where's the burger?

2. Sometimes You Get Something You Didn't Ask For


This guy asked for 2 McChicken Sandwiches without lettuce and this is what he got instead. We imagine that their customer complaints hotline was a little fiery that night.

3. When Customer Service Speaks Your Language


There are times when this is a good idea and other times when it feels like customer care just don't care. This is one of those other times.

4. Spoiling The Selfies


We have a little sympathy for the barista here. The endless parade of selfies everywhere is really annoying. Ordering drinks that take forever to make is also annoying.


5. Drowning In Frosting


Someone at Hardee's heard "extra frosting" and decided to take out years of frustration on an innocent cinnamon biscuit. We'd still have eaten this, mind you -- just with a spoon.

6. England Be Trolling, Too


Sainsbury's is an English supermarket chain, but their customer service seems to be on a par with their American counterparts given this snide example.

7. Dissed By Mr. Sulu

George Takei

When George Takei features your terrible Taco Bell on his social media channel, you know that you've gone too far. No one could live long and prosper on this.

8. Gotham City Gets You

Pleated Jeans

We like this, it feels mildly cheeky and at the same time very clever. This is the kind of customer service trolling that we wholeheartedly approve of. Good work Starbucks.

9. When They Just Don't Care Any More


Not only did they not add pickles, they added a slice of unpickled cucumber to rub it in. That's a seriously harsh burn from someone at McD's.

10. Subway Dude Has Bad Day And So Do You


This dude asked for some extra pickles in his sandwich at Subway and this is what they did to his sandwich. He should be glad he didn't ask for extra peppers.


11. The Dodgy Pen


It has clear, written instructions so that must be exactly what it is for, right? We certainly hope so. Though we've never needed to massage inside our ears before.

12. The Illusion Of Sandwich Filling


We feel like the whole catering industry has been trolling us for decades when we see this Starbucks sandwich. Who hasn't been duped like this?

13. Kids Today, The Starbucks Commentary


"Uh, Brian with a Y." That will either teach Bryan to learn to say his name with confidence or give him agoraphobia and ensure that he never goes out to Starbucks again.

14. Lazy Folks Got Pwned


This is fantastic -- a company concerned with the well being of your heart places its advertising so that the elevator opens and you have to take the stairs. Mission accomplished. Though you won't need their product now.

15. It's Not A Catastrophe


Cass might be slightly irked that they misspelled her name, but it's not that big a deal. Particularly, when you consider that this was probably written by an angry teenager.

16. Religiously Getting It Wrong


We can see how Jude might be unimpressed with this coffee offering. We can also see how she might sue over it, too. 

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