Hilarious Examples Of Karma Catching Up With People

It can feel, sometimes, like life is always unfair. That the bad guys get away with everything and the good guys always end up worse off. We'd like to assure you that if you feel this way - it's not true - and that even if you don't feel that way, we can prove it. 

What we have here is a collection of images that show people getting their karmic returns for the wrongs that they have done to other people. They are also absolutely hilarious. So kick back and relax and have your faith in the universe restored completely.

1. Walmart Can Be Mighty Tough


We're not sure what's more embarrassing, the fact that you are a thief or that you are a thief that got caught in Walmart.

2. The Near Darwin Award


Darwin Awards are awarded to people who do something so stupid that they get killed by it. This certainly qualifies for an honorable mention. Don't let your dog drive your car.

3. Timeshia Deals The Cards Now


They say that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and Timeshia Brown's out to prove that for real truth. Patrick and Shara should be scared.

4. The Puddle Of Playstation


Gentlemen, cheating on your girlfriends is wrong. Leaving your Playstation at the house of the person you are cheating on? That's asking for trouble.

5. This Guy Is The Karma King


This may be the most brutal form of revenge that we've ever heard of. $105,000 in parking tickets? That's going to sting.


6. The Po-Po Got It Coming


There is no more awful moment in life than realizing that you've been clamped by some random law enforcement official which is why this moment of karma is so satisfying.

7. Don't Park In Front Of A Fire Hydrant


We imagine that this guy will have learned his lesson completely when he returns to discover what's happened to his car. It's hard to sympathize with selfishness that might cost lives.

8. Read The Sign And Respect It Or Pay The Price


It's for motorcycles, bro. If you can't respect that then you're going to find that your day goes very slowly indeed as you wait to get out of your space.

9. The Music Of Revenge


We can only imagine the terror on the boyfriend's face when he saw this advert online. This is simply too cruel but it's still very funny.

10. Don't Mess With Your Little Brother


If your brother is smarter than you, don't steal from him. You shouldn't steal from him if he's dumber than you either, but you can worry less if you do.

11. Theft Comes Full Circle


Stealing a smartphone is not very smart. Tracking these devices has become increasingly simple. What's even less smart is then using your stolen phone to log on to Facebook.


12. That Laptop Is Coming Home But You Are Not

Daily Scene

This must be the most satisfying photograph that this person has ever seen. Not only do they get their stuff back, but the bad guys get their just desserts.

13. When Illiteracy Is Nothing To Be Proud Of


Boasting about a lack of education is always a dangerous thing. Doing it on Facebook means that karma is going to catch up sooner than you think.

14. When Your Car Knows What It Is


It's not just the ability to fit in a space that isn't a space, it's the brand of the car used to do it with.

15. That's Not A Game We Want To Play


This is perhaps the meanest thing that we've ever seen outside of a movie. 

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