Hilarious Examples Of Times When Not A Single Bit Of Effort Was Made At All

If people ever wonder why Americans are getting so fat, we think we have found the answer. 

It's the amount of laziness going round. Sure, we admire - as anyone does - time-saving and labor-saving ingenuity which are classic American hallmarks, but some folks are just plain lazy.

So we've brought you some fantastic examples of sheer laziness in action. There's no excuse for any of these things. This is people behaving badly because they just can't be bothered.

They're probably saving their energy for eating another burger.

Never mind, at least we'll laugh off some of our calories while we look.

1. The Vacuum Cleaner Pulley System


You know because that tiny little vacuum cleaner is way too heavy to carry downstairs. So let's dangle it down, instead, on a cord.

2. When Face Time Goes Too Far


We love FaceTime. It's an awesome platform, but we think you can take it too far -- way too far. When we FaceTime with our oven, it's gone too far.

3. The Packets Of Cold Toast


If you can't manage to carry a slice of bread to the toaster and push the handle but still love toast, there's a product for you. It'll be cold, but you probably won't care.

4. Snow Hope For Snow Men


Why bother rolling up snow and making a snowman when you can make an impression of one in the snow instead? Some kids just had their Christmas ruined.

5. Queuing For The Escalator


Yup, no one wants to take the stairs. We imagine this is what it was like when rural Iowans first saw an escalator and thought it was a fairground ride.

6. Get The Dog To Bring The Beer And Open It


There's only one thing missing in this equation -- the thumbs that would make opening the fridge easier for Daisy. Other than that, Monday Night Football is looking simple.


7. There's Lazy And Then There's This Guy


Go see a band and then realize you don't like standing up. No problem. Lay on the floor, attach an extra long selfie stick to your phone, and video the gig for later.

8. At Least This Guy Knows He Has A Problem


It's easy to be shameless about laziness, but admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. But oh my life, that is lazy.

9. Just Admit It, You Can't Draw


This is a father's lame attempt to pass the buck for his lazy artistic skills to his son. For shame, sir! Even if he does make a good traffic light.

10. Someone Knows Her Too Well


That wonderful moment when someone knows that you are so lazy that they can predict just how lazy on your social media accounts. It must be love.

11. It's Clearly A Lazy Trend


You don't need to paint nails that people are never going to see. That's the theory and in practice, it probably works, but it's somehow really wrong, too.

12. Doggone It That's Ridiculous


When you buy a dog, you are supposed to walk it. It's not only part of the deal, but it helps you stay fit. Unless you're this guy.

13. X-Mas Is Coming, But So What?


While we may snigger at this, deep inside we think that this is the kind of laziness we ought to emulate. Is there really any need to light a house up like that every year at Christmas?

14. Candle Holders? They're For Wimps


Who needs a fancy candle holder when you can just tape a candle to the side of a box of cake mix? This is the lowest effort romance in history.

15. Life Is A Constant Struggle


You have to admire the levels of effort that this guy is prepared to put into being lazy. It would surely be easier just to open the door and get out. 

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16. Tattooed And Torn


Living slow and dying whenever is a great motto to have. However, if you're going to be stuck with this tattoo, then you might want to die sooner.


17. Breakfast In Bed


Anyone who has been hungover knows the struggle. Every action is an obstacle. Even when you're eating you will probably sympathize with this lazy canine.

18. TP Torture


Anyone who has ever had a roommate knows what this is like. If not, then you are probably the one who never changes the toilet paper roll!

19. Eat Like A Burger King


Writers understand the struggle. When you don't get paid by the hour you need to maximise every minute of every day to get the job done.

20. Segue Down The Way

We Know Memes

This person won't be able to say "I'm taking the kid for a walk" anymore. But it is a good option for not burning any valuable calories.

21. Look, Ma, No Hands!


This might seem like a good idea at the time. Fewer dishes to clean. No napkin needed. This will wreak havoc on your digestive tract.

22. Really Lazy Or Impressive?


This technique is on the border of "really lazy" and "insanely clever." It's probably much better for your neck. Not too sure about its effect on the eyes.

23. Dog Days Of Summer


Those of us who take days off (we're talking to you, every dog in America!) understand the struggle. Some people were never meant to succeed.

24. Nailed It!


When your nails decide to play games with you, you play games right back. Any cosmetic disaster can turn into a peak of your creativity.

25. No Gray Areas


The child's use of the color scheme really makes it stand out. No sane child is actually going to color a zebra blue or red.

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