Hilarious Family Dog Learns How To Copy A Little Girl's Cartwheels

In my experience, there's something special about the combination of kids and dogs. They're both easily excited, totally innocent, fun-loving and, of course, cute as a button. Whenever you combine the two, good times are sure to follow.

Recently, Jacqueline Sloan Ziegler of Georgia learned just how good it can be when she captured this footage of her 18-month-old daughter, Kailyn, playing with their family dog, a rescued pit bull named Oakland. Kailyn's showing off her cartwheeling skills on tape, but after watching her for a few moments, Oakland decided to try his hand at gymnastics too!

Sure, he still needs a little work on his landing, but it's a great first effort. It’s videos like these that are helping to change the image of pit bulls as dangerous and aggressive animals. While many jurisdictions still have laws on the books against “dangerous breeds,” people are rapidly beginning to recognize that there really aren’t bad dogs, only bad owners. We certainly hope to see a lot more good owners like this in the future.

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Posted by Jacqueline Sloan Ziegler on Sunday, January 3, 2016

H/T: Jacqueline Sloan Ziegler

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