Hilarious Fashion Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

Everyone loves a good life hack. Whether it's the right way to free delicious pomegranate arils from their fleshy prison or the proper way to peel a kiwi, there's something nice about being shown a more practical way to approach the little things in everyday life.

But there are plenty of hacks out there and they're not just limited to the kitchen. Take fashion.

Maybe you're just out of pockets and need some more storage space. There are plenty of ways you can hide things surreptitiously to your benefit. Perhaps you want to mule some liquor in past security. Let's face it: times are tough, booze is expensive at the club and everybody wants to get lit. When Happy Hour means that drinks are $11 instead of $13, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

Here are some fashion hacks that will make life easier (and potentially more enjoyable)!

1. Don't Want To Wear Your Heels Anymore? There's A Hack For That


After a long night out in heels, giving your feet a break is sometimes necessary. Don't want to walk around town barefoot? These fast footbags will do the trick.

2. I Love A Good Chunky Bracelet

Cynthia Rowley

...That I can drink out of! These super trendy bangles are the perfect accessory because they hold booze. Just twist off the top and enjoy a sip.

3. What Beach Doesn't Allow Alcohol?


The answer to that question is actually a lot of beaches. However, you can use a cleaned out bottle of SPF lotion and voila! Being sober at the beach isn't a problem that you need to worry about.


4. A Garter That Holds A Nip

Student Share

Don't think you can make it through your best friend's wedding without a drink? Well, now you don't have to. How convenient, really!

5. Under-Nail 'Art' That Helps You Win At Life


Gone are the days of looking at your neighbor's test answers. This person figured out a life hack that might just get you that passing grade you need.

6. A Bag Of Wine Anyone?


Fill this handbag with wine and you will never have to worry about going without a beverage again. Simply open the lever and pour into a glass.

7. This Sandal Doubles As An Alcohol Carrier

Whiskey Riff

No one will ever suspect that you have alcohol hiding in your shoes. This is the perfect way to sneak an alcoholic beverage in just about anywhere.

8. This Is The Best Clutch Ever


This clutch is actually a huge flask. You might not have a place for your cell phone or your keys, but who really cares about those things?

9. Every Photographer Needs A Break


You'll be able to fool the crowd by carrying around this fake lens. While it looks like a camera attachment, it actually holds booze.


10. A Fake Baby Bump Is Where It's At


This fake baby bump allows you to store all kinds of things underneath it. Food, drink, you name it. And no one will know anything because it will just look like you're pregnant.

11. Do Not Text In Class


This girl has life all figured out. You might need a prosthetic arm to achieve this will 100 percent accuracy, but it's worth it.

12. Whatcha Going To Do With All That Hair?


I'm going to hide a water bottle filled with vodka, is what I'm going to do. This is so on trend, isn't it?

13. This? Oh It's Just My Favorite Shade Of Lipstick


Do you know why this is my favorite lipstick? Because it actually doubles as a flask. Simply remove the top and take a swig -- no one will even notice.

14. This Is Kelly Ripa -- Drinking Wine From A Bra


Storing wine in your bra doesn't sound all that practical. But a company made it so. Simply put the bra on and use the handy-dandy straw to make life a little (or a lot) better.

15. Who Needs A Purse Anyway?

Double Agent Shoes

Don't want to carry a bag with you? No problem. These shoes have a secret compartment that can hold keys, a pen, a tampon, or whatever else you can think of.

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